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Polarization-transfer observables with polarized beams

Дата публикации: 26 марта 2018
Автор: Plavko A.V.
Публикатор: Плавко А.В.
Рубрика: РАЗНОЕ
Источник: (c) eprint arXiv:1701.03582 Cornell University Library, U.S.A.
Номер публикации: №1522073368 / Жалобы? Ошибка? Выделите проблемный текст и нажмите CTRL+ENTER!

Plavko A.V., (c)

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Прикреплённый файл - Polarization-transfer observables with polarized beams

Загрузить Автор: Плавко А.В. (загружен: 26 марта 2018)

"Золотая коллекция" Порталуса / PORTALUS.RU-1522073368
A review is given of our present knowledge of different parametrization of experimental results in inelastic scattering process with polarized proton beams. Spin observables in ( ) and ( ) reactions for a set of lightweight nuclei are studied at intermediate energies in the region of 100–500 MeV. Two important types of DWIA calculations are used in the analysis of experiments. Important spin observables representing the difference functions (P–Ay) and (P–Ay)σ are examined along with the polarization-transfer (spin-transfer) coefficients Dij (DNN, DSS, DLL, DLS, and DSL) in inelastic scattering of polarized protons. We believe that the present review provides explanation and gives details of certain positions regarding spin and isospin excitations. The author can only share the opinion expressed by Dr. F. Osterfeld that this field of nuclear physics “will continue to be challenging and exciting”.

Опубликовано 26 марта 2018 года

КЛЮЧЕВЫЕ СЛОВА (нажмите для поиска): parametrization, polarized protons beams, spin observables, polarization transfer coefficients, exchange contributions

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