Mathematica: Functional and procedural programming

Дата публикации: 03 мая 2021
Автор(ы): V. Aladjev, M. Shishakov, V. Vaganov
Публикатор: Влад коптев
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V. Aladjev, M. Shishakov, V. Vaganov, (c)

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На фото: Mathematica: Functional and procedural programming , автор: Kristofer
На фото: Mathematica: Functional and procedural programming . Добавлено: Kristofer, https://portalus.ru
Software presented in the book contains a number of useful and effective receptions of the procedural and functional programming in Mathematica that extend the system software and allow sometimes much more efficiently and easily to program the software for various purposes. Among them there are means that are of interest from the point of view of including of their or their analogs in Mathematica, at the same time they use approaches, rather useful in programming of various applications. In addition, it must be kept in mind that the classification of the presented tools by their appointment in a certain measure has a rather conditional character because these tools can be crossed substantially among themselves by the functionality. The freeware package MathToolBox containing more 1420 tools is attached to the present book. The MathToolBox not only contains a number of useful procedures and functions, but can serve as a rather useful collection of programming examples using both standard and non–standard techniques of functional–procedural programming. The https://sites.google.com/view/aladjevbookssoft/home site contains free books in English and Russian along with software created under the guidance of the main author prof. V. Aladjev in general theory of statistics, cellular automata theory, programming in Maple and Mathematica. Books are archived, including its covers and book blocks in pdf format. Free software is designed for Maple and Mathematica.

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