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Ian's Shoelace Site Bi-Colour Lacing Home

By popular request, here's a way of lacing to end up with two different
colour laces alternating up the shoe, exactly like my bi-colour illustrations.

Bi-Colour Lacing
A multi-coloured variation of Straight (Fashion) lacing
Bi-Colour Lacing

Rounded grey area at bottom right
is where knot is hidden underneath.

The knot may cause slight discomfort,
but it should be less noticeable if it
is positioned nearest your little toe.
Lacing Technique:
1. Take two different colour laces, each a tiny bit longer than the correct length for the shoes. (I was lucky to receive two such pairs with my last pair of runners!)

2. Cut them not quite in half, but offset by a centimetre or two. You may have to experiment to get the lengths right.

3. Tie one short piece of one colour (purple in my example) and one long piece of the other colour (blue in my example) firmly together and trim off the excess. For extra security, add a dab of glue.

4. Pull the longer (blue) end out through the bottom right eyelet, feeding from inside the shoe, until you reach the joining knot.

5. Now lace the rest of the shoe as per Straight (Fashion) Lacing.

Ian's Rating:
Very decorative
Work required
Slight discomfort
NOTE: This method only works for even numbered pairs of eyelets (eg. 6, 8). If you want to use this method on a shoe with, for example, 5 pairs (10 eyelets), the easiest way is to not use either the top or the bottom pair of eyelets.

Regardless of the lacing method you choose, finish it off in style
with my own Ian Knot, the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.

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