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So named for its visual similarity to bow-ties, this method makes the most
efficient use of lace and thus is useful for "lengthening" short laces.

Bow Tie Lacing
Bow Tie Lacing

Grey dotted sections are underneath
Lacing Technique:
1. The lace is run straight across the bottom (grey section) and is fed into both bottom eyelets.

2. The laces then travel straight up to the next set of eyelets, thus introducing a "gap".

3. The ends are crossed over on top and fed into the next set of eyelets up the shoe.

4. Continue up the shoe, alternating straight up underneath or crossing over on top.

Note that instead of placing gaps every second set, their positions could also be strategically chosen to coincide with tight areas of your shoes, thus giving those parts of your feet more "breathing room".

Ian's Rating:
Lengthens laces
Comfort "zones"
Loose fit

Regardless of the lacing method you choose, finish it off in style
with my own Ian Knot, the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.

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