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Of all the shoelace tying techniques shown to me by others,
this is by far the most common: Make a loop with one end,
wrap the other end around it and pull a loop through.

Standard Shoelace Knot
This is how I was first taught to tie my shoelaces when I was young.
Step 1:

Standard Knot diagram 1

Tie a Starting Knot as shown, then make the right (blue) lace into a "loop" by simply doubling it back onto itself.
Step 2:

Standard Knot diagram 2

Take the left (purple) lace and pass it around to the right, going behind the right loop.
Step 3:

Standard Knot diagram 3

Continue the left (purple) lace around the right loop to end up in front.
Step 4:

Standard Knot diagram 4

Start to feed the left (purple) lace into the "hole" that has just been made.
Step 5:

Standard Knot diagram 5

With the left (purple) lace now through the "hole", grab hold of both loops and start to pull the knot tight.
Step 6:

Standard Knot diagram 6

Continue pulling on the loops until the knot is firmly tied.

This page is not intended to teach the standard knot, rather, its purpose is to show how this knot compares to my own Ian Knot. It also shows the correct way to tie it so that it doesn't form a "Slip" knot (that comes undone). Please see my Slipping Knots page that discusses this in detail.

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