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Also referred to as a "Bunny Ears" knot. I found far fewer people use this
technique: Make a loop with both ends, then simply tie a knot with them.

Two Loop Knot
I was first shown this knot by our local first-grade school teacher.
Step 1:

Two Loop Knot diagram 1

Tie a Starting Knot as shown, then make both laces into "loops" by simply doubling them back onto themselves.
Step 2:

Two Loop Knot diagram 2

Cross the two loops over each other so that the right (blue) loop ends up in front and the left (purple) loop ends up behind. The purple loop is now the right loop.
Step 3:

Two Loop Knot diagram 3

Begin to wrap the right (purple) loop around the left (blue) loop to end up in front.
Step 4:

Two Loop Knot diagram 4

Start to feed the right (purple) loop into the "hole" that has just been made. This is really the same as if you were tying a regular knot, except that you are working with a loop instead of a loose end.
Step 5:

Two Loop Knot diagram 5

With the right (purple) loop now through the "hole", grab hold of both loops and start to pull the knot tight.
Step 6:

Two Loop Knot diagram 6

Notice that the loose end of the right (purple) loop drops back down to the front left, making the finished knot exactly the same as if you'd used the regular method.
WARNING: Don't Make A Slip Knot!
Kids find it easier to learn this "Two Loop Knot" because it's really the same as tying the Starting Knot except that the ends are formed into loops. However, if done exactly the same way as the starting knot, the result will be an unsecure "Slip Knot" that comes undone far more easily.

In other words, if you tie your starting knot by wrapping the left lace around the right lace and through, then tie this finishing bow by also wrapping the left loop around the right loop and through, you'll invariably find that your shoelaces keep coming undone. Please see my Slipping Shoelace Knots page that discusses this in detail.

This page is not intended to teach this alternative knot, rather, its purpose is to show how this knot compares to both the Standard Knot and my own Ian Knot, as well as showing the correct way to tie it so that it doesn't form a "Slip" knot (that comes undone).

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