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Unlike the others presented here, this method is specifically for riding
boots (such as the Dehner 9 Eyelet Field Boot) in which the part that
is tightened and loosened is at the middle of the boot (near the ankle).
This means that they lace up from both ends and fasten in the middle.

Riding Boot Lacing
Riding Boot Lacing Lacing Technique:
1. The lace is run diagonally (grey section) and emerges from the bottom left and the top right eyelets.

2. The top (blue) end of the lace is zig-zagged from the top set of eyelets down to the middle eyelets in a similar manner to the Shoe Shop Lacing.

3. The bottom (purple) end of the lace is similarly zig-zagged from the bottom set of eyelets up to the middle eyelets.

Note that the left and right shoes can be laced in reverse (mirror image) so as to end up with a symmetrical look.

Ian's Rating:
Unusual layout
Neat appearance
Specific use only
This method is also shown on the Dehner Boot site for lacing their 9 Eyelet Boots:

Regardless of the lacing method you choose, finish it off in style
with my own Ian Knot, the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.

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