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All of the shoelace techniques shown on this site use the same Starting Knot.
Here's how to tie this basic knot, known as a "Half Hitch" or "Overhand Knot".

The Starting Knot
In practice, this knot is a lot easier than these diagrams make it look!
Step 1:

Starting Knot diagram 1

Hold one end of the lace in each hand.
Step 2:

Starting Knot diagram 2

Cross the left (blue) lace over the right (purple) lace to end up on the right side.
Step 3:

Starting Knot diagram 3

Begin to wrap the right (blue) lace around the left (purple) lace and feed the end through the gap between the laces.
Step 4:

Starting Knot diagram 4

Start to pull the right (blue) lace out the right side.
Step 5:

Starting Knot diagram 5

Having formed a knot, continue pulling on both ends of the laces.
Step 6:

Starting Knot diagram 6

The completed starting knot after the ends have been pulled tight.

Having successfully tied the starting knot, finish it off in style
with my own Ian Knot, the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.

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