Дата публикации: 21 ноября 2021
Публикатор: Научная библиотека Порталус
Рубрика: РАЗНОЕ
Источник: (c) Science in Russia, №5, 2014, C.44
Номер публикации: №1637497659

"We are approaching a great turning point in the life of mankind which cannot be compared with anything experienced before. Time is not far off when man will take into his own hands atomic energy, a source of such power which will enable him to organize his life as he wishes. This may happen centuries later. But it is clear that this should happen. Will man succeed in taking advantage of this power and direct it to the good and not to self-destruction? Is he old enough to use skilfully the power which will inevitably be given to him by science?"


Acad. Vladimir Vernadsky, 1922


"Power engineering has entered a new epoch. This happened on June 27, 1954. The mankind is still far from grasping the importance of this new epoch."


Acad. Anatoly Alexandrov


"The design and creation of a reactor facility of the first in the world nuclear power plant was probably the most significant achievement in the field of nuclear power engineering. Its startup proved and demonstrated feasibility of production of electric power at a nuclear power plant."


Acad. Nikolai Dollezhal


"The small nuclear power plant in Obninsk as a pathfinder opened a wide highway for large-scale nuclear power engineering."


Andranik Petrosyants, Chairman of the State Committee for Nuclear Power Use

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