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Дата публикации: 30 декабря 2023
Автор(ы): Sviatoslav Martynov
Публикатор: Cвятослав Мартынов
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Sviatoslav Martynov, (c)

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Briefly about liberalism and Mr. Market

A fruitful idea: the Order for a similar new Product is received on the trail of the purchased Product is quite correct.

In the end, subsequent flints and tips followed a single flint or arrowhead in the Stone Age.

On the trail of one warhorse was the next, equal to the vestment of a warrior and all ammunition.

Wars moved civilization "forward and backward."

In the wake of one bottle of Cola goes another, and all food, seasonal clothes, furniture, consumer electronics and the dwellings themselves, purely technically work from the assembly line.

For  example, Japan produces a single car every 45 seconds.

BOEING Corporation produces one aircraft every 18 hours.

Machine manufacturing and equipment are very similar to vulgar Goods and Services.

One group of machines replaces another, every 10-15 years, as a rule.

This rule did not work with the city of Detroit (USA), but there was a reason for this.

Transfer of work sites and competencies to China. The capitalists adjusted the organic structure of Capital, and nothing more.

The three main properties of equilibrium in general have been proposed by Hugh Dixon.  

                                                    These are:

  • The equilibrium property P1: the behavior of agents is consistent.
  • Equilibrium property P2: No agent has an incentive to change their behavior.
  • Equilibrium property P3: Equilibrium is the result of some dynamic process (stability).

The postmodern world is extremely dynamic. The fall of the Soviet Union, the September 11 attacks, local wars in the Middle East, immediately have an impact on the entire world economy.

We have specifically introduced a new innovative toolkit under the brand

A.A.A. Innovation  for the table of contents of the new world Machine.

(A - Alba Regia. Town of white Kings)

The purpose of the innovation is simple, should create Master Tools for Tools.

Good humanity can and should take global Products as a basis, like the General Toolkit

of great intelligent creation.

We go from general to private.

And the many are different from the masters of the Anglo-Saxons, and many others. What has been said is enough

            We remind you of our draft list of global innovations:

control of time flows and gravitational flows;

generation of fuel-free energy;

creation of telepathic communication devices;

creation of materials with specified properties (we are talking about exclusively valuable materials);

the development of genetic engineering (here about the management of the development of bilogical creatures in their entirety);

 managing the climate of planet Earth;

 managing the growth of the planet's biomass;

creating a new economic model of society capable of taking key resources into work

- water, air, food, valuable metals, the entire totality of the Biosphere, and a little Space...

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