Belarus: th First World War and Revolution На фото: Belarus: th First World War and Revolution, автор: admin

Публикация №1045438483 17 февраля 2003

The outbreak of World War I in 1914 turned Belorussia into a zone of strict martial law, military operations, and great destruction. Large German and Russian armies fought fiercely and caused the expulsion or departure of more than 1 million civilians from the country. The Russian government's inept war efforts and ineffective economic policies prompted high food prices, shortages of goods, and many needless deaths in the war. Discontent in the cities and the countryside spread, leading to strikes, riots, and the eventual downfall of the tsarist government...

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Belarus На фото: Belarus, автор: admin

Публикация №1045438378 17 февраля 2003

Топ по английскому на тему "Belarus" с картинками. СКАЧАТЬ ТОПИК

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E-commerce in Belarus На фото: E-commerce in Belarus, автор: admin

Публикация №1045438220 17 февраля 2003

Nowadays the Internet industry develops faster than any other field of the world economy. Annually increase in sales in the Internet achieves 20% and at the beginning of 2001 this index was more then USD 3 billion. Annually millions of new sites appear in the Net, millions of people become Internet users. According to an evaluation of experts, the amount of Web pages in the Internet is more than amount of people in the whole world. So experts assert that the Internet is our future. Besides, the richest man of the world, the owner of the Microsoft corporation Bill Gates sad: “If in 10 years you do not have a business in the Internet, you will not have a business in general…”...

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Belarus: early Belorussian nationalism На фото: Belarus: early Belorussian nationalism, автор: admin

Публикация №1045433930 17 февраля 2003

It was those memories that Kastus' Kalinowski (1838-64) tried to evoke in his clandestine newspaper Muzhytskaya Prawda (Peasants' Truth), which he published to inspire an uprising in solidarity with the Polish-Lithuanian insurrection against Russia in January 1863. The insurrection failed, and the Polish territories and people were absorbed directly into the Russian Empire. Kalinowski, today considered the founding father of Belorussian nationalism, was hanged in Vilnius...

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The Radzivil family На фото: The Radzivil family, автор: admin

Публикация №1045387108 16 февраля 2003

There were many noble families in the history of Belarus; however , none was more renowned the the Radzivil family. The family left its imprint on a wide variety of human endeavors - from public and political life to culture and education. Members of the family were leaders in wars against the enemies of the Grand Duchy of Litva and later of the Polish-Litvanian (Belarusian) Commonwealth and the Russian Empire...

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Saint Efrasinnia (Euphrasinne) (1110-1173) На фото: Saint Efrasinnia (Euphrasinne) (1110-1173), автор: admin

Публикация №1045387069 16 февраля 2003

Young Pradslava - such was the name of Efrasinnia before she took the veil - seems to have inherited many traits of her grandfather's character, in particular his strong will, energy and determination to persevere a chosen path...

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Публикация №1030899644 01 сентября 2002

The term 'market' denotes a place where people buy and sell goods. There is, of course, no good reason why services should not also be sold in a market. For many years Lloyd's of London was the only place where representatives of buyers could meet sellers face to face but there are now similar markets in the United States...

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WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL [+фото] На фото: WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL [+фото], автор: admin

Публикация №1030899512 01 сентября 2002

Woodstock festival was the most famous outdoor rock music concert of the 1960's. It was also known as the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. The festival became a symbol of the "Woodstock Nation," a group of young people during the late 1960's and early 1970's who were united by common beliefs, values, and lifestyles. These young people distrusted authority and standard American values, and they supported the freedom to openly experiment with drugs and sex...

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Woodworking (MY HOBBY) На фото: Woodworking (MY HOBBY), автор: admin

Публикация №1030899460 01 сентября 2002

Woodworking is the forming and shaping of wood to make useful and decorative objects. It is one of the oldest crafts and ranks as a popular hobby and an important industry. A skilled woodworker with a well-equipped home workshop can build items as simple as a birdhouse or as complicated as decorative furniture. Tools for a workshop can be purchased at hardware and department stores. Lumber retail stores and hobby shops sell a wide variety of wood...

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Публикация №1030899339 01 сентября 2002

Wool is a fiber that comes from the fleece of sheep and some other animals. It is made into durable fabrics used in manufacturing blankets, clothing, rugs, and other items. Wool fabrics clean easily, and they resist wrinkles and hold their shape well. Wool also absorbs moisture and insulates against both cold and heat. All these features make wool popular for coats, sweaters, gloves, socks, and other clothing...

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