17 2007 AABE



17 2007 AABE

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Investment climate in the Russian Federation in 2004

27 2005 About Russia

: We have achieved impressive results in socio-economic policy recently. First of all it is necessary to emphasize positive changes in foreign investors attitude to Russia due to macroeconomic stabilization...


01 2005 Best topics

: Writing is a system of human communication by means of visual symbols or signs. The earliest stages of writing date almost from the dawn of humanity. The first developed systems of writing appeared about 5,500 years ago, or possibly earlier, in Egypt and Mesopotamia. About 5,000 years ago, a developed writing system was used in Minoan Crete, and about 4,000 years ago, the Hittite people of Anatolia (modern Turkey) had a writing system. In China, bones dating from 3,500 years ago have been found which bear written inscriptions...


01 2005 Best topics

: Writing, as a career, offers a range of personal rewards. It enables people to express themselves, as well as to entertain, inform, and influence others. With only a few tools--paper, a typewriter, a pencil, and often a personal computer--a writer can have an impact on the surrounding world. But most authors spend hundreds of hours perfecting their skills before they can sell any of their works...

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01 2005 Best topics

: Wycliffe, pronounced WIHK lihf, John (1328?-1384), was a leading English philosopher in religion and politics during the late Middle Ages. His challenges to religious and political practices remained influential long after Wycliffe's death...

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01 2005 Best topics

: Wyeth, Andrew (1917-...), probably ranks as the most popular American painter of his time. He is best known for his realistic and thoughtful pictures of people and places in rural Pennsylvania and Maine...

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01 2005 Best topics

: Wyoming is a state of the United States that is famous for the beauty of its mountains. The peaks of the Rocky Mountains tower over the landscape. They provide the setting for the world's oldest national park--Yellowstone. Wyoming also has the first national monument in the United States, Devils Tower, and the first national forest, Shoshone. Another famous scenic wonder, Grand Teton National Park, includes some of the West's most beautiful mountains. Millions of tourists visit Wyoming each year to enjoy the state's scenery and historic places...

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01 2005 Best topics

: X rays are one of the most useful forms of energy. They were discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm C. Roentgen, a German physicist. Roentgen called the rays X rays because at first he did not understand what they were. X is a scientific symbol for the unknown...

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01 2005 Best topics

: Xerxes I, pronounced ZURK seez (519?-465 B.C.), ruled the Persian Empire from 486 B.C. until his death. He succeeded his father, Darius I, and spent several years trying to achieve his father's goal of conquering Greece. However, Xerxes failed to do so, and his struggles against the Greeks greatly weakened the influence and power of the Persian Empire...

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