70 Years of the Great Victory. Present to veterans

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Moscow. A quiet corner in Yekateriniski Park near the Army Cultural Centre, the Theatre of the Soviet Army, the Central Museum of the Armed Forces and the Grekov Art Studio of Military Artists. Here, the construction of the second phase of the unique social and rehabilitation centre for veterans of wars and military service was completed 10 years ago, in November 2004. It was a present from the Moscow City government to the veterans on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. The mayor's office not only financed the construction, but also supervises its maintenance using funds from the city budget. Moscow authorities recognise Russia's irredeemable debt to the soldiers who saved the Motherland from fascism and makes all possible efforts to provide those who ensured Russia's victory in the bloodiest war of all time with better living conditions.

The first phase, completed in 2002, has long been admitting war veterans residing in Moscow. Its facilities provide veterans with comfortable accommodation, medical services, spacious recreation areas, cosy cafes, billiard halls, a canteen that serves meals five times a day, a library and, of course, attentive care on the part of the personnel.

The completion of the second phase significantly broadened the scope of the services provided by the centre. At present, the additional facilities include a movie theatre for 400 people, a gym with modern equipment, a swimming pool, a sauna, a hydropathical facility, a spacious conference hall, rooms for psychological relaxation, cabinets for aero- and aroma-therapy, etc. The Centre features modern rehabilitation and medical equipment made in Russia and abroad. Highly-skilled doctors and attentive nurses supervise the rehabilitation process. The walls are decorated with beautiful paintings donated to the centre by artists from the Grekov art studio. On the floor every one can see decking modern tiles. Everything for veterans! Modern Russia...

Anatoly Pervukhin and his spouse, Larisa, attend the rehabilitation course at the Centre for a second time. They are both war veterans. Their combined age is 162 years. This year they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary (they were married on June 2, 1945). Anatoly Pervukhin has the rank of a Captain (ret.). He fought against Nazi occupants as a member of a gorilla unit near Rovno and after the war participated in the elimination of the Bandera bandits in Ukraine. After graduating from high school, Larisa Pervukhina came to a plant producing mine fuses and worked there during the entire war. "We cannot describe the amount of care we receive at the Centre! Here, we forget about our age, our ailments and problems. It is not often today that we receive so much attention, respect and care. We thank the entire personnel of the centre who make all possible efforts to help veterans to relax and improve their health!" they say.

The Centre admits 120 veterans at a time for a four-week rehabilitation course on a rotation basis. Veterans are sent here by authorized Moscow social care institutions. In addition, 70 veterans are admitted every day for a full day board. They spend nights at home.

Director of the Veterans' Centre Igor Pogorelov describes his patients in the following manner, "We owe these elderly people an irredeemable debt. We feel guilty because many of those who won that terrible war for us at present sometimes live in worse conditions than those who lost the war...Veterans, undoubtedly, deserve much better than that. We make everything possible to make our veterans feel the care they deserve, even if for a short time. During the relaxation and rehabilitation, these people get together in comfortable halls and recreation rooms. They do not only socialize and share memories of war and past years, but also rejuvenate in a sense. I wish you could have seen their zeal when they performed concerts on the stage at the Centre."

The Centre conducts a large variety of activities outside the facilities, as well. Visiting nurses from the centre provide social and medical assistance to more than 1,200 veterans in their homes. On veterans' request, the centre sends barbers and home repairs specialists to provide necessary services free of charge.

Certainly, the Centre has problems of its own. Igor Pogorelov, who recently visited similar institutions in other countries, had to admit with disappointment that there the bulk of the financial burden for the upkeep of such facilities is voluntarily taken care of by wealthy citizens who actually help the former defenders of the Motherland. In Russia, unfortunately, wealthy citizens rarely donate money for the care of veterans. The Moscow City government took all responsibility upon its shoulders and we are grateful to it for being so good to our veterans.

The Moscow Association of Military Attaches Spouses' Association (MAMA SA) did what it could to assist the Veterans' Centre. The money collected during the Charity Bazaar of Military Attaches in 2004 was spent to purchase more than 300 books for the Centre's library. The choice of books was coordinated with director of the library Eteri Tskhvorebova and included classical literature, art albums, books on military history and memoirs, modern fiction, etc. MAMA SA President Minnie Ros-Tappermann (the Netherlands), Elizabeth Margalit (Israel), Barbara Drobot (France) and Eva- Maria Simburger (Austria) presented the books to the Centre during a solemn ceremony. The staff accepted the gift with gratitude. After that, the director of the Centre gave the guests a tour of the facilities. During the tour, the guests often stopped to talk with the patients and even joined in a song Katyusha beautifully performed by war veteran Anna Styrova who accompanied her singing with a wonderful guitar accompaniment.

Dear veterans, we sincerely wish you good health and long life!

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