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5 Leaders in TOP Major Wins in Online Casinos

Дата публикации: 11 декабря 2017
Автор: Alex Petrov
Публикатор: Александр Павлович Шиманский
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На фото: 5 Leaders in TOP Major Wins in Online Casinos, автор: admin
На фото: 5 Leaders in TOP Major Wins in Online Casinos. Добавлено: admin, https://portalus.ru

It's no secret that large jackpots in online casinos are available to a broad category of people who spend their evenings not watching TV but making bets on established online websites who operate in accordance with the law. A huge audience collects large prize funds, allowing to sweep a large jackpot in the minimal time period.

We dedicate this article to those five lucky players who managed to catch their luck and win the largest cash prizes in the history of online platforms. When betting for real money, fortune gave million profits to ordinary people making minimum bets. This is an excellent excuse to go from playing on best online slots for fun to the real thing.

Fifth place is taken by the player with the nickname DP 5, who became the owner of 11 609 942 dollars from the Mega Moolah slot

August 2016, the man with the nickname DP, for the first time in the history of online games, broke the bank playing on a mobile device, and the bet was only 1.5 dollars. This win was the 28th in the list of million' jackpots on Mega Moolah.

In general, Mega Moolah is a unique platform that gives its fans generous rewards allowing them to win with a periodicity of 9-10 weeks. The player of this particular online service will take the leading positions, but later about this.

The fourth place with a win of 11 633 898 dollars belongs to Marcus Goodwin - the player of the Mega Moolah slot

Marcus Goodwin won the 29th prize in the history of Mega Moolah, which is 11 million dollars. The amount of the win was collected in the shortest time, in just 3 months and was beaten by another player in November of 2016. The newly-made millionaire couldn't conceal tears of joy and said that now he will be able to buy housing for all members of his family, and will also embark on an exciting journey through the countries of Africa.

Third place in the line of winning leaders was taken by the Norwegian with the result of 11 736 375 euros from Mega Fortune

In September 2014, a 20-year-old Norwegian student from Hordaland, after a night at cinema couldn't fall asleep and decided to entertain himself with the help of online slot machines. The reason for this were 10 gifted Mega Fortune spins. 10 free spins gave the Norwegian 46 Norwegian francs, which he, without hesitation, put on the eleventh rotation and won 11 million Euros.

Being shocked and surprised, he couldn't fall asleep that night. He couldn't even figure out exactly how would he spend the money he had won.

Silver in this category belongs to a resident of Finland, who broke the jackpot in the amount of 17 861 800 Euros at Mega Fortune

Who would have thought that, having put only 25 cents, a man can break a record in the entire time of existence of Mega Fortune - a prize in the amount of 17 861 800 Euros. However, this is a real case that happened to a 40-year-old Finnish citizen in January 2013 and was added to the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest win until 2015. Having no luck for some time, he couldn't believe what happened, not hiding tears of joy.

1 place - a record win in the amount of 17 879 645 euros from Mega Moolah

The largest amount of money, namely 17 879 645 Euros was won in October 2015. To this day, this is the biggest prize that players won on the licensed platforms of online games, which was the reason to bring this event to the Guinness Book of Records. The lucky guy was the 26-year-old soldier John Haywood, who had the fate smiling at him that day. Family problems, the need for urgent surgery for the father, and loss of loved ones didn't give him any joy in life, however, after receiving 17879645 Euros, he happily reported that this is the ideal time for a winning sum. The game lasted only seven minutes, during which he managed to make 25 spins, spending only 30 pounds.

If you want to try your luck, use only licensed websites, for example, Play ShangriLa.com. This will protect you against fraud and will provide a 100% guarantee of obtaining the amount you won. It should be noted that nowadays it is possible to play slots in online mode and communicate with the live dealer as well. Furthermore, you can test all slot machines before bidding, at online slots for fun completely free.

Опубликовано 11 декабря 2017 года

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