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Any scientific invention remains dead theory unless and until it is put into practice as soon as possible. The importance of immediate industrial applications of up-to-date technologies and innovations has been the basis for the "Strategy of Siberia's Development in a Long-Term Perspective" - a program highly assessed by Academician Nikolai Dobretsov, chairman of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In Ms opinion, today an ever growing number of achievements of scientists at the institutes and laboratories of the SB RAS, get "permanent accommodation" at factories and plants. Thus, at the end of 2001 a complex of laser cutter of electrical engineering steel, 0.2-0.7 mm thick, started functioning at the workshops of Scientific-Production Amalgamation ELSIB. This technology has been pioneered by the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ITPM) SB RAS. Its introduction allowed to accelerate by 10 times (!) and make cheaper by 1.5 times the manufacture of cores of electrical machines. Today the Institute is getting orders for this new equipment from many enterprises of Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad and other cities of the country.

In its turn, the Design and Technological Institute of Scientific Instrument-Making (Novosibirsk) for the first time in Russia has created optico-electronic systems of contactless three-dimensional control of geometrical parameters of key components of nuclear and power reactors. In 2001 they were moved for a trial period to a plant of chemical concentrates.

We can also name other science-extensive works carried out by Siberians in the interests of various fields of the country's national economy. In particular, on an order of the RF Ministry of Railways, Institute of Physics of Solidity and Materials Technology (Tomsk) have launched the production of an installation designed for ultrasonic hardening of wheels of locomotives and ultrasonic defectoscopes for checking wheel trolleys. Researchers of the Institutes of the Optics of Atmosphere and Optical Monitoring have developed laser marine navigational sections - fundamentally new types of equipment to ensure safe navigation in coastal zones even in the conditions of poor visibility.

We must also mention scientists of the Institute of Power Engineering Systems (named after L. Melentyev, Irkutsk). They have proposed a hot-water boiler (burning coal) with a capacity of 2 Gcal/hour for newly introduced and updated heating systems. VOSTOK industrial amalgamation has started its serial production.

Specialists of the Design and Technological Institute of Technical Carbon (Omsk) has created an original technology of synthesis of furnace conducting material, which is used as an amplifier of polymer and rubber compositions, components of active masses of chemical sources of the current in the electric, cable and other spheres of industry. The technical carbon produced exceeds all known polymer accumulators by its efficiency, including metal powders and graphitic materials. By its amplifying and conducting properties, it matches some of the best foreign analogs. Its production (200 tons a year) has already been launched at the experimental plant.

Today a new innovation project - "Siberia's Power Electronics" - is being implemented. Its objective is an organization of wide-scale production of transistors and thyristors according to the samples and technologies created at the Institute of Physics of Semiconductors (Novosibirsk). About 30 industrial enterprises and a number of institutes will take part in the work.

Siberian scientists' contribution to the enhancement of efficiency of agricultural production is rather significant. In this respect we must point out the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the RAS Siberian Branch and Siberian Scientific Research Institute of Plant-Growing and Selection (SB RAAS), which have been actively working for a long period of time on the creation of agricultural crops that are highly productive and resistant to extreme conditions. In 2001 soft win-

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ter wheat samples of "Novosibirskaya-32" were submitted for state quality testing. It was received on the basis of hybridization to be cultivated in the forest and steppe zone. It is characterized by strong resistance to lodging in combination with stable resistance to winter conditions and good productivity; average yield - 33.5 cent./hectare.

Not only biologists are concerned with the problems of agriculture. The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Novosibirsk), for example, on the basis of rotary machines of friction, has constructed various types of fans capable of cleaning dust and ammonia odor from air. Such devices are frequently used at stock and poultry farms.

The objective of science, pointed out Academician N. Dobretsov, consists not only in creating new technologies. It is also concerned with the man's health - the main production force of the society Consequently, there must be unslagging search for new methods and means of the most effective treatment of people. In this connection one can refer to the activity of scientists of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the RAS Siberian Branch as well as to the Institute of Therapy of the RAMS SB. A laboratory founded on their basis is carrying out research of genetic mechanisms, connected with the man's diseases caused by external factors of the environment. Here are also studied structures of genofond (gene pool) of the region's population.

As a result of the work of some other scientific institutions, a number of highly effective medicines has been prepared. In particular, the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry named after N. Xforontsov has started the production of lappaconitine substance - the main component of Allapinine, which is used against heart arrhythmia and is superior to other analogs in its activity. It maintains its efficiency during a long period of medical treatment and has no toxic effect on the organism. Its production is in progress at the Novosibirsk plant of medical preparations.

The activity of the Interdepartmental laboratory (SB RAS, SB RAMS and RF Ministry of Public Health) must also be mentioned in relation of working out medicines and diagnostic methods. It has begun the production of a new highly effective anti-tuberculosis preparation Isodex. Its technology is based on the domestic raw materials. By its therapeutic effect it is superior to all existing world analogs.

Such are just a few achievements scored by the RAS Siberian Branch in 2001. On the whole, they demonstrate the tangible contributions of scientists in Siberia's economic development and further strengthening of ties between science and production.

Science in Siberia (Nauka v Sibiri), 2002

Prepared by Ya. VALENTOVICH

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