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Everyone says that after a virus attack, humanity will be different.

And what will humanity be like?

Did you have an answer to this question for yourself?

With such brains, tomorrow for you will expect the same coarse social status in world monetary slavery, brainless world politics, and the rule of survival "everyone for himself and only one God for all."

Moreover, what can change for the better in this world and life if you are not going to change the main thing in your head - the motivation for your life?

You have built for yourself a modern "tower of Babel" on top of which is the power of the financial oligarchy.

If you think that construction

The Tower of Babel is a biblical theme about clay and bricks, then you think too primitively about the Bible.

The construction of the Tower of Babel is about your brains that have built a global system of commercial and human relations, where no one can feel comfortable and safe.

At the same time, everyone declare that it is necessary to restore the global economy.

However, who destroyed this economy? Nobody destroyed anything. The means of production did not disappear. Everything stands still.

In that, economy of tomorrow, your participation is not provided. The "owners of money" see this economy without your participation.

You are not needed there, so everyone is driven into a "digitized consumer paradise" in which science, people's thinking, education and the evolution of society as whole take ugly forms. This economy has no space for thinking of labor and creativity. This is the last form of human degradation.

Is there a way out of the impasse?

If your brains do not know where the exit is, let me remind you that, the way out of the impasse is always where the entrance is.

You must look for the moment when you went down a dead end way. However, your foreheads are colliding with the strong walls of the labyrinth of evolution. This labyrinth is full of failed civilizations that have ceased to exist. Artifacts and religions have survived from their previous power and existence on Earth.

Now I ask all the creators of the "consumer paradise" a simple question.

What is A. Smith's invisible market hand?

Give the definition of this "invisible market hand" one exact phrase.

Wars, terrorism, poverty, destruction of nature, hunger, disease and mass degradation of people are all the result of the invisible hand of A. Smith, which has taken all of humanity by the throat and is ready to strangle it.

Look at our science and professors who have not answered a single question about the survival of humankind. They are watching there and telling how idiotic we are.

Soon, form such sciences and labor motivation, everyone will have the burning ground under their feet.

And so, let`s do it, lady and gentlemen. First, we must create a next analogy in the brain - imagine that you live in a multistage building with ceilings and walls cracking. Everyone is bustling about renovating their apartments. For decades, they live so. Then everyone begins to notice that the destructive processes have become catastrophic, and it is already necessary to get out of their apartments, because repairs no longer help anyone.

These tenants would needed to think with their heads before and look into the basement and see on what foundation the common house is built.

Everyone lived and hoped that once they had laid good foundation. Then trouble came, the whole structure falls apart and is ready at any moment to collapse on everyone’s head.

Therefore, lady and gentlemen - builders, if a universal "human house" collapses, then allow me to ask, what is in the foundation of house, because without a foundation nothing can exist in this world.

The whole physical world is becoming more complicated and it have the foundation.

If you think that our beloved physical world is developing in the void, then with your thinking you remind tenants who will soon be left not only without a home, and will also be thrown to the sidelines of history.

In the void, there is no movement of information and thinking. In the void are no miracles.

Therefore, for your own survival, look to back centuries and wonder on what foundation you built this tower of Babel with your thinking, which threatens the existence of humanity.

You should not be afraid, because any foundation always looks simpler than an external structure, but the strength of this external structure depends on it.

Now within five minutes, you will learn what A. Smith's invisible hand is and become experts in the world economy of the highest class. You will learn how primitive world economic science is.

Therefore, delve into the essence of the problem.

  1. Smith laid the foundation for LABOR THEORY OF VALUE, when he explain the spontaneous process of development of the world economy in the 17th century.

The essence of the theory is that the value of a commodity determined by the amount of labor expended in its production.

Now, let's look into our economic science and read the rule of market exchange of goods - price determination.


Here is the question.

Do you agree that the price of goods and services on the market is equal to labor costs (cost)?

Do not agree. In order not to be complete idiots, like our economists, wipe your eyes and read carefully their «price» determination again.


Do not forget that the price and value of our theorists are synonyms, that is, the same thing.

Now, for everyone, a simple arithmetic case. If our price is equal to the cost, then try to explain where the profit comes from.

If someone does not understand, then once again wipe your eyes and read the definition of the price, and think for whom this science of microeconomics and macroeconomics was create.

And think about, what the trash put ministers and brainwashed economist into your ears.

So, what stopped working in the global economy?

The world usurious scheme does not work, borrowed a hundred, and returned a hundred with interest.

And we have already reached the point that we lent a hundred - returned at least ninety. This does not work out, because collapsed THE SYSTEM OF COMMODITY AND MONEY RELATIONSHIPS GROUNDS ON THE BASIS WHICH THE EARNING OF PROFITS LIES.

Profit – it is the "invisible hand" of A. Smith, which, through banking manipulations, takes money from your pockets in favor of world moneylenders.

Precisely, this motivation of work has ceased to work throughout the world.

Therefore, all the conversations on the restoration of profitable commodity-money relations are a direct path to the "digitized consumer paradise", in which there is no place for motivation of work and thinking.

There is no place for freedom and creativity in it. This post-industrial idiocy imposed by world moneylenders on society for personal safety is nothing more than world evil and the last form of human degradation.

However, the bulk of people do not agree with their plans and this is a direct path to the third world war.


World money in the minds of people reflects the false image of life values throughout the era of commodity fetishism. Society collects this value like rats, climbing the oil and gas ladder along the backs of competitors, bringing whole states to poverty and pauperism. The collapse of world money and the complete paralysis of the entire infrastructure of the life support of civilization - this is the immediate prospect of the tragedy of humanity.

The plans of the World Mind (God) do not have the word «profit». Therefore, profit - as the result of false information, will blocked in the minds of people forever.

They (everyone) do not yet know that the gold and money that they still worship, as a symbol of the power of the era of commodity fetishism, will cease to be a value in the human mind. Profits are crushed in a confined space and will soon collapse in the minds of people. Everyone suddenly realizes themselves as beggars. Those who until recently were a "celestial" and those who licked their thick ass, will be at the bottom of society. It does not reach their brains yet, that matches, salt, medicines and all other means of livelihood just do not fall from the sky onto their blunt heads. In the absence of profit in the heads, no one will do anything. The general paralysis of capitalism directly threatens humanity with hunger and diseases that will bring with it mass death. The laws of the power state will cease to apply. There will be nowhere to run and nothing. The slogan “Beggars can’t be choosers” will enter into force of the law and an uncontrollable armed mass of people will take to the streets, ready to kill each other for a glass of water and a piece of bread.

It is for this reason that the "owners of money" want to establish total digital and power control over society.

With the collapse of money, the economy of the world gendarmes will collapse. The modern guardians of the world order paralyzing the fall of world money the most. They will not have time to save the drowning. In the absence of a power state, the world oligarchy will be the most unprotected part of society. This public, left without a state of force, will find itself in complete poverty and will wait in the palaces dutifully for their fate. The biblical phrase: 'But from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, do not eat from it; for the day on which you will taste of it, death and die 'will be prophetic for all who have taken on the epochal development mission for all of humanity.

Lady and gentlemen, you wanted to taste the sweet fruits of profit from this heaven tree. Soon you will receive them in resolving the global informational contradiction of good and evil. The confrontation of religions, laid down by the prophets, will turn into a disaster for society.

Where once began the history of the world's lies, there it will ingloriously end. Everything will begin with the destruction of Israel, impoverished former friends and neighbors in world competition. People can wipe this state off the face of the Earth as a symbol of world evil, which will have nothing to lose from their own hopelessness. The future war with the Jews is not the modern military conflicts of the Arab States. This is a war for the life of people against world’s evil, which will spread to the whole world.

We are all waiting for the mass destruction of people in the third world war, famine and disease with a complete loss of technologies. With such thinking, do not wait for another scenario.

So, is there a way out of the impasse?


There is no need to touch anyone to reform society. No "expropriation of the expropriators." All remain in their places; both worked and continue to work. Society reform is the abolition of the lucrative function of money.

Everyone often ask me, but how can we live without money? I answer.

Do not confuse money with their function.

If you are thinking of fiddling with a pencil in your ear or somewhere else, this does not mean that it has such a function. If you think so, than it is just the figment of your sick imagination.

Therefore, money should fulfill only a true social function and stabilize the development of society.

The physical world stabilize by the digital principle of complicating information, which a man transferred to paper and called mathematics. Human transferred this digital analysis to the money, with which he tries to digitize a social product.

Lady and gentlemen, it is impossible without money.

MONEY is a form of digital analysis of the measure of labor, consumption and morality.

This is their true function. So conceived by the Mind, and subconsciously everyone knows about it.

But the profitable function of money destroys morality, the measure of labor and consumption. The profitable function of money is a false function of it, and the hypocritical and stupid Reason adapted it for personal gain and the organization of world parasitism. Digital analysis and money is it a produce of Mind, profit and usury is produce from Reason.

Therefore, when Mind speaks, the fragmented political herd with their truth and profit in their head should be silent, because only truth from Mind works in space. The Mind leads to the development, and the herd listens it. There will be no other truth for the herd.

And so, lady and gentlemen, theorists and reformers, let's start.

Forget about your stupid economics science.

All money of country or states goes to a global or national bank or account. There are no accumulative funds and other economic stupidity. From this moment on, money automatically loses its profitable function, for regardless of their total amount the money supply will always correspond to the socially necessary product.

After a social product digitized by money, it belongs to the whole society, because, scientific and technological progress and its results are the property of humanity, and not a dozen selected idiots.

At the moment on when the product is digitized, everyone in the community knows, what the total amount of money in the bank. Initially, everyone has equal rights to an equal share of the total product. It can be easily expresses in numbers.

This will be a nominal wage for everyone, is equal for everyone, and always corresponds to a part of the socially necessary product.

In reality, the final wage will be completely different.

Bypassing the entire government vertical, money goes to the local communities, and everyone, including officials, gets their salaries where they live.

That is, you can work anywhere, but you will receive a salary only at the place of residence from people in the social distribution, and they will determine as much according to yours contribution to the development of their society, you will receive so much.

In other words, the mechanism of vertical distribution of funds disappears and transform into the horizontal principle of distribution relations.

The exception is only private entrepreneurs who do not use hired labor. They spontaneously fulfill a social order and transfer the tax to a single bank for the stabilization and development of society.

As you can see, the market does not disappear anywhere, but its activity will be stabilized within the framework of the social need for the production of things, food and the provision of services. In other words, you begin to work for society and satisfy your personal interest, through the social principle of distribution.

That is the whole reform. Everything else is spontaneous processes in society (a consequence of the reform).

- Money automatically loses its profitable function and becomes a measure of labor, consumption and morality.

- There is public self-government with the withering away of the power functions of the State. Because those who distribute will be forced to establish distribution rules and the society tight control over the own vital living. That is, in the distribution of society necessary product there is a general bureaucracy, which will create a completely new socially necessary state with the gradual withering away of power functions.

- Hired officials serve society, because they get paid only where they live. There will be no corruption, for everyone in society realizes that there is no vital need to accumulate money supply. Corruption will simply spontaneously disappear, because there will be no need for it.

“The oligarchs will not need to hide.” The oligarchs are becoming the main link in the stabilization and development of society. Their money will be free and will carry out the most important social projects that will be supported by the whole society and the oligarchy will turn from enemies into one of the most respected members of society.

- In the public distribution, killer technological competition will disappear.

- In comparing the results of labor, a competition will arise that will spontaneously begin to unite people into communities (communes) and create a new administrative-territorial division.

- A person works not where he pays more, but where he likes, so work replaced by creativity. Creativity disconnect from the profit and a person will be free.

- Labor is being replaced by technologies. Technologies are the property of all humanity and in the absence of technological competition all technologies will rapidly develop.

- A human gains his social essence (free education and medical care), because the doctor, teacher, and all receive a salary where they live. Symptomatic medicine, that operating on the profit of pharmaceutical campaigns, will be replaced by an informational one that will deal with the person and not his organs and will be available to everyone.

- Wars, conflicts, borders of States will disappear, for all natural resources will be use rationally, under strict social control.

All sciences will be formatting, most of them will disappear, and others will appear.

- Religions will disappear, and a single faith in the World Mind (God) will be establish in the consciousness in the image and likeness of which we are created.

This is a direct path from the political herd to the Civilization of Mind.

I give a definition of civilization. Civilization is a form of human existence, which based on a single faith in God, a common scientific pattern of development for all, and a common social principle of distributional relations for all.

Everyone will be happy except criminals, parasites and villains. Their troubled activities will be forever block by the whole society. In such a society, everything that interferes with its development and a healthy lifestyle will be suppressed, since it is impossible to manufacture and sell a poor-quality product, cigarette, drugs and other mucks.

Entering a new system will provide everyone with the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves before God and people.

Now, I have some questions to the cattle, mired in lies, crime and hypocrisy.

What kind of communism is it fighting if this “damned communism is knocking on all windows and doors a thousand times”?

Moreover, what is decommunization, in the absence of the concept of communism in the minds?

In addition, the last main question for the bipedal cattle for his own survival.

Is the fragmented political herd ready for major reform in its life? If not ready, then cattle stories will soon end.

In the world the truth is one for all, there will be no other. Establish social distribution and live like people in human relationships.

Only then the cattle will establish the essence of human relations in society, it will become humanity and will receive the right to survive.


Almost everyone tells me - we agree, but at the same time they ask me, how can all this be realized in reality.

All is very simple. You must work in the information field, set the principle of distribution in your heads and get unanimity. In new social mind will appear new elite that organizes parliamentary elections. Then - referendum and you will live in a new society with all development prospects. If you are not ready for such changes in your life, then you are still in the social status of cattle, who walks the streets with his truth, hypocrisy and slogans about social justice. However, inside there is a thirst for profit, envy and revenge.

Better, identify the main enemies of reform. These are not the oligarchs, against whom you ganged up, but the officials and politicians behind whom are another enemy of reform - these are sciences permeated by professorial lies.

You must agree among themselves in a society. As you will share money. This will be your social contract, and the oligarchy will follow society.

There is no need to negotiate with officials.

If you want social justice, distribute all yourself.

We must do the reform ourselves. This trash in the person of officials and politicians, who staged parliamentary games and brainless experiments on people together with professors, so that they would not interfere, we will invite to a new society later.


© Lisavenko Vladimir Pavlovich, 2021


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