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New Gambling House SL Casino Riga Opened in Riga in the Grand Hotel Kempinski

Дата публикации: 04 декабря 2017
Автор: Alexander Petrov
Публикатор: Александр Павлович Шиманский
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На фото: New Gambling House SL Casino Riga Opened in Riga in the Grand Hotel Kempinski, автор: admin
На фото: New Gambling House SL Casino Riga Opened in Riga in the Grand Hotel Kempinski. Добавлено: admin, https://portalus.ru

SL Casino Riga is the new elegant casino, located on two floors of the magnificent Grand Hotel Kempinski in the center of the Latvian capital. The casino is managed by the holding company Storm International, which has been working in the field of gambling and adheres to the highest standards of service since 1992.

The new casino (Riga) opened the doors on November 17, 2017, here the guests are welcomed with the best slot machines from the world's most popular developers, popular table games, games with high stakes and an elegant atmosphere. SL Casino occupies two floors of the Grand Hotel, has a separate entrance to the slot-hall, offers to relax in one of the two bars and immerse oneself in a friendly atmosphere of excitement.

The gaming houses of the brand work in the post-Soviet space: Armenia, Georgia, and Belarus. Elegant casinos are the decorations of the capitals, built in the same style, working according to unified strict standards, maintaining the highest level of service and respecting the principles of responsible play.

What does SL Casino Riga offer?

The new casino hotel in Riga offers a VIP-vacation in a pleasant atmosphere and with the most popular gambling entertainment. The territory of the gambling establishment is quite large: it occupies 625m2, and employs staff of a 150 highly trained employees.

In the slot-hall on the first floor there are 51 slot machines. All of them are slot machines of proven manufacturers, such as Cammegh, EGT, Aristocrat, Novomatic, and IGT. Also on the first floor there is a cozy small sports bar with a large selection of drinks for any taste.

The second room is aimed at fans of table games. Here you can play American roulette, baccarat and several popular types of poker. It is enough to choose one of 10 tables to start your game. For guests who prefer privacy and high-stakes play, there is a VIP section, where you can relax in the lounge area and another bar.

Exquisite design is one of the strengths of Shangri La casino, and the new casino in Latvia is no exception. All the interiors are decorated in art deco. To top it all off, expensive wood, precious stones, Italian fabrics, English carpets of exclusive work and unique furniture were chosen. The lighting was designed with a thought of diffusing the daily mundane routine bringing you to the paradise the casino is.

Although the opening has already happened, the celebration on this occasion will be held separately, on December 23, 2017. The holiday will be held on a scale worthy of one of the most elegant European capitals.

SL Casino Riga and Storm International: 25 years of experience in gambling

The new casino in Riga is a part of the large international gambling empire of Storm International, whose history began in 1992. Englishman Michael Boettcher, having gained a lot of experience in gambling companies, opened his own in the post-Soviet countries.

Today the holding's activities are conducted in many countries around the world: Belarus, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela and Romania. In addition to the land based establishments and the newly opened casino (Latvia), you can also play at our online casino – playshangrila.com

Storm International has been on the gambling market for more than 25 years, earned a positive reputation due to its impeccable service, care for both guests and employees. The holding is engaged not only in the creation of new gambling establishments, but also in the development and improvement of the entire industry. SL Casino Riga uses the most modern games, vending machines, and software.

SL Casino is a great place in Riga to spend a pleasant evening with a touch of gambling.

More information on the official website: https://sl-casino.lv/

Опубликовано 04 декабря 2017 года

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