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I tie my shoelaces with an "Ian Knot", the World's Fastest
Shoelace Knot: Make a loop with both ends and simultaneously
pull them through each other to form an almost instant knot.

How to tie an "Ian Knot", the
World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.

One day, all shoelaces will be tied this way.
Step 1:
Ian Knot diagram 1 Ian Knot picture 1

Tie a Starting Knot as shown, then hold the laces as pictured. The right (blue) lace is held between the right thumb and forefinger whilst the left (purple) lace is held around the left thumb and forefinger, using the other fingers of the left hand to hold the lace taut.
Step 2:
Ian Knot diagram 2 Ian Knot picture 2

This move creates two loops, one with the loose end behind, the other with the loose end in front. Use the middle finger of the right hand to push the loose end of the right lace behind, whilst the left hand simply rotates forwards to swing its loop across to the right.
Step 3:
Ian Knot diagram 3 Ian Knot picture 3

This next move crosses the two loops over each other. Use the left thumb to push its loose end over to the right, whilst the right middle finger continues to push its loose end all the way between the left thumb and forefinger to end up inside the left loop.
Step 4:
Ian Knot diagram 4 Ian Knot picture 4

This tricky move requires each hand to use the two fingers inside its own loop to grab the loose end of the other hand's loop. Use the left thumb and forefinger to grab the loose right end, then the right thumb and middle finger can grab the loose left end.
Step 5:
Ian Knot diagram 5 Ian Knot picture 5

This move sees each hand releasing its own loop and pulling the loose end of the opposite loop through its own. Take care not to pull the ends all the way through, as this will form a "knot" instead of a "bow". In fact, this is a quick way to tie a starting knot.
Step 6:
Ian Knot diagram 6 Ian Knot picture 6

This final step simply completes the knot by pulling the loops tight. The result should be perfectly symmetrical; besides looking neat, this also means the laces wear more evenly and thus last longer. With practice, I can now tie my laces in about one third of the time of a conventional knot!

If you can't follow these static instructions,
my animated Flip Book may be worth a try.

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